Post wedding/event, you'll receive a digital gallery of all your images to share with friends and family


Leading to the wedding day, we'll build a photography timeline that best suits your vision for the day.


Selecting (or customizing) the best photography package for your event, and then get you booked!


The consultation call, where we'll confirm dates, availability and compatibility, and probably talk about our dogs

The Simplified Steps

Let's be real with each other... Getting your photo taken can feel like an intimidating experience. But, what if we could change that? There's a science to posing and photography, and I'm going to teach you about it!

Well, I'm not actually going to go full science nerd, but I'm going to show you how to pose, flatter your body, and guide you into authentic moments that might feel a little silly, but look pinterest-worthy in camera. It's not a one size fits all system, so you're encouraged to be yourself, and I'll handle the nerdy stuff behind the camera.

Rachel dibs

It's my goal for every session that you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and that your time and investment into memory preservation is respected.  

With this goal comes a love and acceptance for all love stories. You don't need to look a certain way, be a certain religion, be a man and a woman... Come as you are and with whom you love, and believe me when I say that I am proud to capture those moments for you. 


Pricing Information


fun facts about your photographer


My mom's side of the family has resided in Baltimore for decades. Bar-owners, crabbers, masons, steel workers... and Matt and I just purchased our first home in the city.

fouth generation Baltimorian

It probably won't take long before I mention tacos... this food-lover's absolute favorite meal! I'm also happy to share my recipes for the best Queso and fish taco sauce!

Taco Tuesdays are my favorite

If I'm not obsessing over a client gallery, petting my dogs or eating, I'm definitely playing a video game. My favorite is Pokémon, and my fiancé loves Runescape!

Video Games are my other hobby

Becoming Mrs. Reynolds in September 2023! It's been really fun to plan along-side so many of our wonderful couples.

getting Married in 2023

Despite the ridiculous amount of green in my life... my favorite color is pink (because glitter wasn't an option). Green and Lavender are also up there!

my favorite color is Pink!

The consultation call is the first step for every session or event. Simply fill out the contact form and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible! We'll schedule a zoom or phone call and discuss the details. 
Are you ready to take your photo experience to the next level? To take the step in front of the camera and feel like a million bells (IYKYK)? I'm ready for you!

Next, we want to learn more about you and your story! What's brought you here, and what you're dreaming up!

where dO
we start?