Love knows no boundaries,
As it was beautifully showcased during this fusion welcome-party, Mehndi / Sangeet, pre-wedding celebration in honor of Sameena and Maddy. Friends and family gathered at Bolder Ridge Lodge at Liberty Ski Resort on a seasonably warm evening in July! Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and an atmosphere filled with love and celebration, the couple kicked off their wedding weekend in an unforgettable way.

Kate and Michael’s wedding was an incredible testament to the power of love, friendship, and family.

By going an almost purely DIY route, Kate and Michael created a wedding day event that will remain meaningful for the rest of their lives. A day that will be remembered, and that they can remain proud of.

Josh and Zoe’s wedding day included equal parts contemporary design and traditional romance. Before saying their I do’s in Baltimore, the couple and close family traveled to Greece for an intimate and romantic ceremony with Zoe’s family. Flash forward a few weeks to Baltimore for their more “traditional” American wedding (pictured below…. though, next time, I’ll gladly take the invite to Greece)!

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