When choosing an engagement session location with my newly-engaged couples, I like to recommend options that offer a variety of backdrops for your photo session. Brookside Gardens(https://montgomeryparks.org/parks-and-trails/brookside-gardens/), located in Weaton Maryland, definitely fits the bill!

From the perfect weather, to the warm and welcoming fall color scheme, every piece of this wedding day aligned perfectly.

Lush but organic details, personal touches, pirate shanties and a sense of community that created a tangible feeling of love and family. This would only be scratching the surface of Jordan and Damon’s spring wedding at Walker’s Overlook. Both bride and groom being chefs, they set the bar high when it came to catering. Food […]

Only being recently engaged, Sara and Ramon decided they wanted to get married, and they wanted to get married soon! Leaving themselves only a few months to plan, we met quickly for their winter engagement session. Both Bride and Groom-to-be LOVE warm weather and bright colors, wanting them to be showcased during their engagement session. […]

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