I’d like to tell a story of how two people met, (because fate told them it was meant to be)…












In September 2017 Sharon opened her Bumble app and matched with a particularly unique and special someone. They talked and talked over the app, eventually moving to texts. Conversation came easy, as the two had a lot in common. Unfortunately, busy schedules and life found a way to happen, and the two slowly lost touch. Only scattered texts and shared birthday messages managed to sneak through until all went quiet.

Flash forward to October 2019 when Sharon was looking for a photographer for her wedding. She was excited to find a perfect match and set up a meeting with a photographer only to come to the realization that it was her long lost Bumble BFF match: ME!

It took a friend finding app, two years, and a wedding to plan to get us to where we are, but we did it! Sharon and Cory are both incredibly kind and amazing people, fellow nerds and dog parents. We had so much fun exploring Quiet Waters park for their engagement session, despite the cold December front moving in. I can’t wait for their wedding next Halloween!

  1. Tammy Snow says:

    Beautiful Couple


    Such a beautiful couple.
    I can’t wait for the wedding.

  3. Jeanne Leisure says:

    Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple. I wish you many, many years of happiness. Relax and enjoy the wedding moment.

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