We met with Yohan a few weeks before the big day to discuss his big plans: a surprise proposal to his girlfriend of almost 9 years! ABOUT. TIME. He had definitely heard that once or twice before.

With the help of good friends and family, Yohan would bring Natasha to the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC to “have dinner with a friend that was visiting town,” but actually surprise her with a private rented igloo (a Watergate Hotel staple) decorated with roses and pictures of the two together throughout the years. Yohan got down on one knee to pop the question with a stunning solitaire ring and Natasha said YES.

The surprise didn’t stop there though. Natasha’s parents, sister and future in-laws were all there to congratulate the happy couple within moments. The family shared a toast and drink in the igloo before heading back to their apartment for the “dinner Yohan had prepared.” When the couple arrived they were greeted by dozens of happy friends for a surprise engagement party!


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