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The Value in Second Shooters



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Let’s take a few minutes to talk about Second Shooters on a wedding day. First of all: What is a Second Shooter?

A second shooter is a another photographer that accompanies the main photographer on the wedding day.

Why are they a great investment? What are the benefits of having two shooters on your wedding day verses one? Will it be a good fit for my wedding day?

These are all questions I hear during my wedding client consultations, and they are very VALID and important questions for my couples to ask. While I’m perfectly comfortable working as a solo photographer during a wedding day, there is still a lot of value in having two. But, why?

A second shooter allows me to be in two places at once.

  • Are you and your fiancé getting ready at different locations? If the answer is yes, than a second shooter is great in this scenario. If I’m unable to walk quickly between the Bride and Groom’s getting ready areas, I usually have to prioritize one over the other for getting ready portraits. With two shooters, we divide and conquer! The main shooter will be with one and my second shooter with the other. We take all of the fun candid getting ready photos, Bride / Groom Portraits and portraits of you with your bridesmaids and groomsmen before the first look, saving us valuable time later in the day to focus on couple’s portraits.
  • Weddings fly by in an instant! Though an 8 hour timeline sounds like a lot of time, there will always be an unexpected delay or 5 (shout out to that one groomsman that got a flat tire on his way to the venue, and that zipper that all of a sudden won’t zip up the bride’s dress), that could set us back. With two shooters, I am able to delegate all of the day-of photo priorities between the two of us, to make sure no detail is missed.
  • Do you LOVE pictures? Of course you do! That’s why you’re investing in professional wedding photography. Wouldn’t it be great to get almost double the amount of portraits from your wedding day? With two shooters, we’re able to capture all of the beautiful moments of your day from different angles and perspectives, without taking double the time.

It is my priority to provide my couples with a reliable, professional and fun photography experience, which is why I have this discussion with all my clients! I will always provide my honest opinions on why a second shooter may be a great fit for your wedding day.

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